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Why Your IT Factory

We create tailor-made software solutions to make companies perform better.

pillars underpin our development: understanding the business needs of our customers to address them accurately, taking careof user experience paves the way to accepting a solution, offering high performance cost structure to improve project profitability and, finally, developing technological excellence in the team for high-quality production.

Business core

If the players in your market share the same essential rules of your activity, what sets you apart from the competition is the specific know-how that your company has developed.
Our work consists in getting to grips with the state-of-the-art and understanding what makes you different and what your perspectives are. Our team also embodies advisory profiles enabling us to build a technological solution together as an efficient and lasting way to address your demands.

User experience

For your customers, users and employees, your software solutions are what lie behind your image. Ergonomics and user enjoyment are factors which improve the acceptability and performance of your solution.
User experience, ergonomics and design quality are at the heart of our concerns. We bring our knowledge of Internet uses, roaming uses and good ergonomic practices to your projects. Using mockups or prototypes, we expose the proposed solutions to user panels to encourage co-construction.

Your profitability

The production costs of an IT solution must not weigh down the economic performance of your company. We have opted for an international organization so that our offer is highly competitive, providing our customers with proximity relations for conducting their projects.
Our partnership proposals and estimations are clear with no unforeseen surprises. Our flat fee commitments and agile methodology, based on a short production cycles, constantly guarantee an optimal threefold cost-quality-lead time solutions.

Technological excellence

Your company has to be innovative and focus on the heart of its business. You need to draw on the help of specialists in user experience, technologies and development methodologies.
We are experts in software engineering and IT production. Our partners are passionately committed to their work, dedicated to finding the best technological solutions available. To find out more: know-how.

Your needs

Everybody to his own business? Developing a tailor-made software solution involves two skills: yours - you bring in your professional scale - and ours - we provide the technology. But you have to take things further. We are convinced that success is based on our capability of understanding your challenges, your goals, your constraints and your language:

Business focus

Focus on your business and our proposals
Efficiency in your application processes
Multiple user profiles
User experience
Qality of service

Business stakes

Time To Market
Development and maturity of requirements
Growth management
Risk management
Information security

Project goals

Co-construction with a committed partner
Cooperation that can be adapted to your organization
Tailoring of the delivered solution to your business requirements
Adaptability of the solution to future developments
Economic performance

Technical constraints

Data volume
Heterogeneous environments
Capability of growth
Solution usability

Operational excellence

Control of your process performance
Performance measurement
Accompaniment through change
Available and reactive support



Our response

We are prepared to be the link connecting two worlds together: the world of business teams and that of technological teams - ours and those of your other partners. Our experience and our agile approach means that we can create a unified working area in which everybody understands the constraints and opportunities of everybody else.


Depending on your organization, skills and the availability of your teams, you define the delegation level you want to set up. Our teams are capable of handling your development project from end-to-end: overall management, ownership assistance, design, development, testing and acceptance testing, operation, change and maintenance management. You define your own delegation level and we propose an appropriate organization and the skills to fulfil it.


See you in 6 months' time!' Entrusting the development of a software solution to a service provider and not having intermediate benchmarks is an enormous risk that you must not take. We set up a proximity relationship between you and us: we are not service providers but partners.
When you make a commitment to developing a software solution, you are investing in order to respond to immediate requirements. You want to be sure that your future choices will not be a challenge to the chosen solution. We are there to advise you and help you define your medium- and long-term vision. Our architectural choices fit into this perspective. We use the best methods of the profession (urbanization, modularity, object programming and reusability) so that our developments are not a burden but a sustainable investment.


When you make a commitment to developing a software solution, you are investing in order to respond to immediate requirements. You want to be sure that your future choices will not be a challenge to the chosen solution. We are there to advise you and help you define your medium- and long-term vision. Our architectural choices fit into this perspective. We use the best methods of the profession (urbanization, modularity, object programming and reusability) so that our developments are not a burden but a sustainable investment.


Information security-trust, image, regulation obligations and economic risks form the nerve center of your business. Our experts ensure that you get a solution that meets the practical needs of the profession. From the design stage, we investigate confidentiality, integrity and information availability requirements and often mechanisms adapted into any prevalent vulnerabilities. To ensure security all the way down the line, we can also provide counselling to your partners and your technical administrators.


Your information system and third-party systems are handling colossal amounts of data today. Your system has to field the explosive growth of your audience.
We design scalable applications which on a spot basis, or gradually, deal with these growth requirements. We handle architectural choices, switching mechanisms, redundancy, data referential materials, the standardization and de-standardization of models, the optimization of requests, the use of relational databases on not, the allocation of resources to the cloud, and many other parameters too.



Know how

Your IT Factory consists of a team of enthusiasts: project managers, architects and developers, all impassioned technology lovers, all experienced, and all committed to making your software development projects a success!


To make way for creativity and identify the optimal solutions, we believe that it is essential to set up a structured organization incorporating every phase of design and development for the utmost agility.

We have chosen to organize and equip our team on the basis of the SCRUM agile method.

It offers many benefits. We regularly present to you functional features developed over short cycles, rendering your investment secure. You will see that there is definite progress and we will be able to adapt to your needs and your management rules. You will make the most of your development teams, directly adding to their assuming responsibility to improve quality, productivity and compliance with planning requirements.

Our developments also match the needs of technology, implementing object logic and frameworks to address the MVC paradigm. Our modelling derived from UML methods and our production line ensures continuous integration. Finally, we devote a major share of our efforts to testing. We have developed the know-how and tools needed to strengthen this essential activity.

We have the capability of adapting ourselves and we have the necessary experience to enable us to blend in with your organizational choices.

Functional and sector aspects

We have developed skills in such fields as:

  • information systems
  • firmware solution production
  • operational management tasks such as business management, customer service management, administrative and financial management, marketing management
  • logistics, production and operation.

We have developed these functional skills in professions like:
  • telecoms and the Internet,
  • transportation and industry,
  • finance,
  • high-tech,
  • and property.

Our technos

Front & UX

Responsive Design
Lightweight client
Native languages
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Jquery, Bootstrap, Backbone, LESS
Templating engines
Smarty, Twig
iOS, Androïd, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Tizen
Native languages
Java, Objective-C, HTML, JS, Css
Titanium, Phonegap, Sencha

Server side

Native languages
Php5, Java, Ruby
Javascript, Node
Pyhton, Perl
Zend, Symfony, RoR
CodeIgniter, Django
Hibernate, Doctrine
Sql, noSql, PL/Sql
MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Postgresql

SI integration

REST, Soap, Webservices
OpenData, Mashups
Cloud, Virtualisation, Saas, ASP
Open Source
Drupal, EZ Publish
Prestashop, Magento

Tools & Methods

MySQL Workbench, Power AMC
Continuous integration
PHPUnit, Sélénium, Mantis
Configurations Management and Delivery
GIT, Mercurial, SVN


Your IT Factory comes from the meeting between two contractors both passionately interested in technology and with a will to make innovation and performance available to everybody. Our clients enjoy the benefit of our years of experience in software development and in accompanying companies in better using their IT facilities.

They put their trust in us

Foncia SFR PLDA Inistreo Darty Anatole Chédeville Callsup Bouygues Télécom Vélib - Mairie de Paris Orange Business Service

Outline of our achievements

In the property sector, we have created a back-office service for co-ownership managers and real estate office directors:
- Production of dashboards for building profitability
- Property charge analysis and optimization functionalities
- Contract production solution (30 times faster than the previous solution)
- Price calculation engine
Cooperative work by teamwork using agile methods. Compliance with TTM. High satisfaction among users concerning the ergonomics and design of the solution.
Technologies: Php, Twig, Bootstrap, Highcharts, HTML, CSS, Google API, Postgresql, PL/Sql,
PDF and XLSX generation.
In the telecoms world, overall handling of software solution for startups specializing in international low-cost calls:
- VoIP direct calls, callback, SMS callback, SMS and instant messaging solutions
- Implementation of the entire telecom platform
- Back-office application development (ADV, fraud, payment, invoicing)
- Front-office development (subscription and institutional site)
- Control of mobile technologies application developments:
Php, Java, WebServices, Objective C, VoIP, Asterisk platform, HTML, CSS, Joomla.
In the magazine press area, development of the digital publication technology solution for the Internet and mobile applications:
- Management of articles, category sorting and validation process
- Subscription cycle management
- Development of social network functionalities
- Back-office management
- Consulting API implementation
- Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms
Technologies: Php, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, iOS, Android, Titanium, Java, Objective C, Drupal, payment platform, video streaming platform, podcasts.
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